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Introducing Carotino's Healthier Pure Red Palm Oils

The healthier, finest quality oil for traditional African and Caribbean cooking!

Carotino pure red palm oils have been refined to the highest standards of manufacturing and hygiene, making them the cleanest and purest palm oils on the market. They are perfect for all kinds of authentic and traditional African and Caribbean recipes which use palm oil.

Our unique refining process retains the all the natural nutrients and goodness of the red palm fruit, but filters out impurities such as grit, dirt and insect fragments, which find their way into raw, unrefined oils.   

Carotino Traditional Palm Oil

  • Semi-refined to remove impurities, with a full, rich flavour for authentic cooking, available in 907g and 3.3 litre jars.

Carotino Healthier Palm Oil
  • Fully refined to remove all impurities, available in 500ml, 1 litre and 3.3 litre bottles.
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