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Health Benefits 
What makes Carotino Red Palm Oils Healthier?

Most pure palm oils imported from Africa and sold in the UK/EU are very unhealthy and are either completely unrefined or refined using strong chemicals. Many also have high levels of rancidity and impurities from being produced in unhygienic conditions and factories in Africa which fall below EU standards. 

By contrast, Carotino red palm oils are produced using a unique, patented, chemical-free refining process. They are purer, sustainably sourced and manufactured to the highest 21st century standards of health and hygiene. (ISO9000/HACCP)

The oil is refined to remove any impurities which may be found in other red palm oils and Carotino offers discerning UK consumers from African and Caribbean backgrounds a high quality red palm oil which tastes just as delicious as their usual oil, but meets all EU safety standards. 

african palm oil.jpg

Red palm fruit oil produced in Africa doesn't always meet EU standards of safety and hygiene. 

carotino factory.jpg

Red palm fruit oil produced in Carotino factories (left) is certified to meet the highest international standards of production.

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